UltraMixer 4.1 release / free update

23. October 2014


UltraMixer4 Release

Now It’s official, after numerous tests and pre-release versions, you can now download the BRAND NEW UltraMixer 4.1. This Release includes more than 30 new features and many optimizations absolutely free. We add more than 15 new MIDI controller (eg Pioneer DDJ-SX, Denon MC6000-MK2) and our new MIDI Mapper, to create your own midi-mappings. We put a lot of work into our file archiv and audio engine to ensure stability , speed and performance.

A list of the most significant changes can be found here:

Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

3 Tips from a pro: File archive properly sorted!

15. October 2014

Mobile DJ Tips

1. Most importantly, the playlists

Countdown feat _1these days, every DJ is using a laptop but they feel like a double edged sword, providing opportunity and creating new obstacles to creativity at the same time. Have you ever been stuck at a critical moment thinking, what was the name of that song that would be perfect while watching the countdown wind down to zero and then have no choice but to drop a dancefloor killer. In this article I will attempt to provide a few suggestions for music tagging that will help you organize your giant collection into something more navigable. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

UltraMixer 4.1 RC 29 ready for download

18. September 2014


In this version, we improved the performance of UltraMixer 4. We reduced the memory usage and improved the Compatibility with M4A files significantly.

Download UltraMixer 4 RC 29 by clicking the links below.


Win Download                                                           Mac Download

Windows_logo_-_2012                                             apple-logo-black


Summary of recent changes in UltraMixer 4.1 RC29

  • Reduction of memory usage when loading tracks
  • Further improvements for the M4A file format
  • Optimizations “Play Cover-widget”

We would appreciate your feedback about UltraMixer 4.1 RC 29.

Happy Mixing


News: UltraMixer 4.1 Release candidate update

29. August 2014


We are pleased to introduce you UltraMixer 4.1 RC 27, the latest release candidate. So far this version is running stable and is ready for live performance.

In the lower part you will find a list with the latest changes.

New full-screen mode

Click on  “full screen window” button to the right side of the Video Mix widget and UltraMixer will search automatically the second screen. Now UltraMixer pushes the video window to the correct screen and outputs the video signal automatically in full-screen mode. You can also do it the usual way by double clicking the video window.


Countdown feat _2

Download UltraMixer 4 RC 27 by clicking the links below.

  Win Download                                                       Mac Download

Windows_logo_-_2012                                             apple-logo-black

Summary of recent changes in UltraMixer 4.1 RC27

  • Improvements for Loop mixing
  • Optimizing “live visualizations”
  • New  history of “Played tracks” are now displayed longer
  • New completely reworked fullscreen mode


UltraMixer 4 world cup discount

24. July 2014


We are the world champions and we want to celebrate with you!

Now be the mobile entertainment champion and use UltraMixer 4. In the next 7 days you will get a WORLD CHAMPION discount of 20 € to all* UltraMixer 4 products, with the coupon code below. To receive this discount, you can type in the voucher code in your shopping cart.



* Special offer valid from 23.07.2014 – 30.07.2014 *except Premium Support



To get the discount, just follow the link below:


  1. Choose your UltraMixer product
  3. Now enter the coupon code in the provided field below
  4. Click on „UPDATE”
  5. Finish, you now get your UltraMixer 4 Product  € 20.00 reduced




Product in focus: UltraMixer 4 Pro Video

24. June 2014

Pif ProVideo

The video version of UltraMixer 4 has all the features of “UltraMixer 4 Pro” and offers the Mobile DJ the chance to run audio-visual performances. The specially developed video engine of „UltraMixer 4 Pro Video“ allows you to mix music videos as you are used to with mp3 files. You can do scratching, beat sync or add effects and „Hotcue-points“. The output of the video signal is carried out via externally devices connected with your Laptop. This can be done either with a second monitor, flat screen or beamer. With the live text function, it is possible to type shout outs or information about the event over the shown images or videos. Another entertainment feature in UltraMixer 4 Pro Video is the possibility to display photos and slideshows along with the music. For your own promotion it is also possible to display your own DJ logo on the big screen. You can do video blends with your crossfader or seperately via the built-in “video-crossfader”. UltraMixer 4 Pro Video introduces you the most comprehensive feature set over the entire UltraMixer series.

For more information check out : www.ultramixer.com




Product in focus: UltraMixer 4 Pro

12. June 2014

Pif Pro

UltraMixer 4 Pro (en)

“UltraMixer 4 Pro” is the professional version of the UltraMixer series, but is not only meant for the professionals.”UltraMixer 4 Pro” contains all the features a modern “Mobile DJ 2.0″ needs to do a perfect job. Whether wedding party, corporate event or big party halls, UltraMixer is rocking with you every event. “UltraMixer 4 Pro” gives you full control over your huge amount of digital music. Whether MP3, WMA, WAV or M4A, UltraMixer plays every soundfile. Through the most advanced databased, file archive on the market, UltraMixer 4 allows you lightning fast access to all your music tracks. Create Intelligent Groups / Playlists, add Songs live on two playlists, edit song requests create a “WishList” for your party people or plan whole evenings in advance with the award-winning AutoDJ. “UltraMixer 4 Pro” protects your data automatically, it is able to create backups of your file archive, so you can go back to a saved state of your music archive at any time.

CapturFiles Kopie

UltraMixer 4 Pro is perfect for advanced DJs who already have experience in the world of digital mixing and do not want to miss any of these useful features. In the Mixing corner you will find real time effects (cutoff, resonance, flanger), the integrated 16-channel sampler, the unique 31-band equalizer, auto sync features, smart looping for remixing and Hot Cue buttons, which is basically everything you need as a mobile dj to remix or blend your tracks live.UltraMixer 4 Pro” can be easily controlled with mouse & keyboard or all popular MIDI DJ controllers. The Professional version of UltraMixer 4 supports more than 50 hardware controllers. More are being added and with the integration of a MIDI mapper, it is also possible to create your own MIDI mappings. Through the graphical waveform and beat matching the semi-automatic or full-automatic synchronization of two music tracks is a breeze. The AGC function (automatic gain control) ensures an auto approximation of the volume of the music track in real time. “UltraMixer 4 Professional” is a comprehensive “entertainment solution” for the modern mobile DJ –  The “mobile DJ 2.0“.

For more Information go to : www.ultramixer.com 



Mobile DJ 2.0: Video & Multimedia with UltraMixer 4 Pro Video – this is how you do it!

5. June 2014

UltraMixer4 Video Cover

Whether karaoke party, video mixing, live visualizations or a slideshows with photos from the wedding – wedding couples ask the DJ quite often after that kind of stuff. In the future you need to do more and more things at the same time. Besides your moderation job or the music mixing you have to type in announcements or preparing a wedding game. “UltraMixer Pro 4 Video” offers all of these “entertainment features” andCapturFiles.png support the DJ perfectly. With a few clicks the “Mobile DJ 2.0″ is able to show pictures of the event on big screen, announces the opening of the buffet via live text or start spontaneous karaoke rounds.

To use “UltraMixer 4 Pro Video” optimal, we present to you the technical and hardware requirement you will need to rock the crowd. UltraMixer DJ “André Mangold” presented to you his own DJ equipment and shares his own experience with his hardware.

System requirements

For Windows users:

Intel Core 2 Duo or higher / 2GB RAM / sound card

Graphics card Nvidia 8400, ATI 1650 or better

Windows XP or higher

QuickTime 7.7.3 or later

For Mac users:

Mac OS X

 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 or later

For a cool multimedia show and to output the video signal you will need a Beamer (projector) or alternatively, a flat screen TV.

André Mangold, long-term user of UltraMixer presented to us on this subject today its latest technology and hardware setting.

“My current DJ set consists of the MIDI controller” Denon HC 4500, “UltraMixer 4 Pro Video Windows, and a video-hardware installation. My projector of choice is the 2014 Optoma HD131Xe. The DLP projector offers 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD resolution in 16:9 format. Its light output is 2500 lumens, which is entirely adequate. With its 26 db loudness it is of no problem during the sound operation. Connections = 2x HDMI 1x VGA 1x USB Type B 1x video. For mobile use, I recommend a tripod screen of 2.00 mx 2.00 m, but everyone has to decide it for theirselves, depending on the room and the distance from the projector you need a different screensize. I recommend everyone a projection calculation, because that plays a big role in the use of projectors and screens. At the event, i pay attention on the following points

  • stable placement of projector and screen
  • lighting in the room
  • possibility to darken the room
  • wiring of the projector (length of HDMI or VGA cable for HDMI signals there are already wireless solutions)

Product in focus: UltraMixer 4 Home

27. May 2014

Pif Home

The Home Edition UltraMixer has everything you need to dive into the world of digital DJing. Whether you want to hang on your next house party or in the party room. You can manually adjust the pitchfader per hand or use the „Sync“ button and create your own custom DJ-mix on the fly like a real DJ.

Add digital effects to make your transitions more smart. UltraMixer Home 4 provides an 4 – channel sampler for firing sound samples, as well. In the Auto-DJ mode you can use UltraMixer like a jukebox in the background. It supports all popular music formats.

The organization of your audio files is easily possible as well a full integration of the iTunes playlists in the data based file archiv. That is the reason why UltraMixer is also excellent as a music archiving tool.

It is also possible to upgrade your UltraMixer 4 Home license to one of the larger versions like Basic, Pro or Video.



UltraMixer 4.1 development news: new AutoDJ functions

20. May 2014

Brand new functions in AutoDJ – Mixing have been integrated in UltraMixer 4.1. Matthias shows those new features in a youtube clip:


For more information check www.ultramixer.com