Brand new in Development: UltraMixer 4.0 the new features at a glance.

The new year 2012 will again bring some new features that will inspire you. The next UltraMixer version 4.0 will come along with the following new features:

  • Mix Broadcasting / Web Radio
  • Microphone Support
  • Live inputs
  • automatic talkover
  • asynchronous fading
  • Search and playback of music on YouTube
  • Search for covers at Amazon
  • Display of covers directly in the archive
  • playlists displayable in full-screen

1. Mix-Broadcasting / Web-Radio

You want to show your mix to your friends or to the world? No problem! UltraMixer 4 offers you the easiest opportunity to broadcast / stream your mix into the world without any additional software and create a web radio. The three standards Shoutcast, Icecast and Mixlr are supported. The most easy way to create a Web radio is streaming over Mixlr. This is a free Web-radio-online service. The free registration at is enough and you can use UltraMixer for mixlr streaming. Your live-mix is then instantly displayed on, so you can spread it to the whole world!

For the configuration of broadcasting (web radio) click on the Configuration icon.

This opens a dialog where you can choose between different streaming services like “Shoutcast”, Icecast and “Mixlr. After you‘ve configured your favorite service, you need click to start the stream only by clicking the record button and there you go! By using the new microphone-function (see 2) you can create your web radio and microphone announcements.

2. Microphon-Support

UltraMixer 4 allows you to connect a microphone to your sound card or your Audio/MIDI controller and to output the audio signal via UltraMixer. It takes only a few steps, open up the settings dialog (click wrench icon) and select the microphone input and your desired playback output.

Once you click the “ON” button, you hear what you say into the microphone. Here you have the opportunity to listen to it and you can change the audio with a 3-band EQ, a gain control and a volume control. So you can use UltraMixer for events or to make announcements on the web radio. With the help of automatic talkover (see 3) UltraMixer even automatically lowers the music volume as soon as you speak into the microphone.

3. automatic Talkover

With the talk over function UltraMixer automatically lowers the volume of the music as soon as you speak into the microphone. You can adjust how strong and fast this is can be adjusted by the talkover settings.

To activate the talkover mode you just have to press the “TALK” button in the fading widget.

4. Live-Inputs

UltraMixer brings four live inputs. Now, you have the possibility to connect external sources such as turntables, CD players or iPodto the Line-In input of your sound card and control them by UltraMixer. As with the microphone you can also affect the sound, change the gain and volume.

5. asynchronous Fading

The crossfader of UltraMixer behaves synchronously, ie the adjusted volume curve is 1:1 for the current cross-fader position. New in UltraMixer 4 is the possibility of asynchronous mode in the curve while operating in AutoDJ-Mode, so that the fading curve is always from left to right, no matter which direction you move the crossfader. The asynchronous fading is enabled in the settings under Mixing” => “Auto DJ

6. Search and playback of music on YouTube

A guest has a song request, which you can not meet from your music library right now? With UltraMixer 4 this is no longer a problem. Now you can download music from YouTube and play! You call either the YouTube search using the “Archive ^” => “Search in YouTube”:

or you use the quick search “youtube: Keyword” or “yt: Keyword” field.

This will open the YouTube Search box, where you can download the desired video. After a successful download, they will appear under the group “YouTube” in the archive tree.

7. Search for covers at Amazon

UltraMixer shows you the covers of music titles in the cover widget. For this purpose it is necessary that a cover image is stored in the ID3 tag of a track. UltraMixer 4 now provides the ability to find missing covers from Amazon and save them automatically into the ID3 tag. This is done by right clicking on one or more songs or right-click on a whole group.

8. Display covers in the archive

Cover of music titles can not only been shown in the cover widget, but now also been directly displayed in the archive as a column in UltraMixer 4.0. Here you can adapt the size of the column Cover to your needs.

9. Playlists displayable in Fullscreen

Playlists are too small? No problem. UltraMixer 4 allows you to extend the playlists to the full screen. Just de-view the archive or the mixer by clicking the appropriate button.

10. Additional

All news you will find:

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